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Eat bitter melon lead to infertility if weight loss

Ladies beauty battle commence downsizing, one of the most popular method is 2-3 day, bitter roots, washed seeded, must be eaten raw, persist for more than 20 days, no diet, sleep all you want, eat all you want . It is said to several kilograms of lean 10.

Bitter melon really lose weight?

Chinese medicine, bitter gourd of sweet, cold, Rupi, stomach, there Qingshu arrests restless, detoxification Zhilishen of power for heat stroke irritability, hot lead thirsty to drink, carbuncle swollen dysentery. Pharmacological analysis showed that bitter gourd bitter gourd containing peptides (hectogram bitter peptides containing 25mg), a variety of amino acids and pectin.

Experts suggest the general weight loss friend, bitter glycosides itself can not be directly used for weight loss. Bitter glycosides containing 17 amino acids from the basic peptide composed of bitter glycosides. It has a strong role and regulation of blood lipid lowering blood glucose function, without any side effects. Although bitter melon can reduce the role of cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood lipid in patients for food, but not the same as the effect of bitter melon have to lose weight, because obesity and high blood lipids is not entirely the same thing.

Of course, as for eating raw bitter thinner, mainly because of bitterness suppression of human appetite, and bitter gourd itself is not high heat, reduce human intake of energy, naturally thinner.

Eat bitter gourd will not lead to infertility?

In addition to the effect of weight loss bitter, more people are bitter confusion would not lead to infertility.

According to scientists found that indeed bitter anti-fertility effect, bitter protein in early pregnancy and second trimester uterine endometrial differentiation, interference with implantation.

Scientists experimenting with mice, found that pregnancy and the early and mid-, β-bitter proteins through a series of response inhibition of pregnant rat decidua, and endometrium, primary cells, the main reaction is: to continue to block the fertilized egg incubation, lower blastocyst attachment, trophoblast out to reduce the growth of tile and the inner cell mass development and so on. However, α-bitter protein before pregnancy and will not affect β Momordicin follicular recruitment and maturation.

Use very simple words, is the bitter gourd on being pregnant (early and mid-pregnancy) of people, influential, eating more may lead to abortion, but for those who are not pregnant, not very influential.

For men, scientists believe Momordicin will affect the normal development and activity of sperm, but this effect is reversible, meaning that with the cessation of fertility may be restored to normal eating bitter gourd.

In addition, most people eat the bitter melon in meals fail to affect the moral level is the extent of fertility.

On the bitter relationship with infertility, scientists are in-depth study, has not reached a final conclusion.

Related Tips:

Fertility is a complex physiological process, not to say that eating bitter melon will be infertile! Pregnancy must meet the following conditions:

1. Discharge of normal ovarian eggs

2. Semen containing normal and abnormal sperm

3. Egg and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube combined with a fertilized egg within

4. Zygote is transported successfully into the uterine cavity

5. Endometrium have been fully prepared for the fertilized egg implantation. These links do not have any normal, can impede conception.

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